Low gpa, decided to do dental hygiene first? Need some advice!

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Oct 16, 2014
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Hey guys.

I graduated with my bachelor of science degree, and my GPA was at around 2.8.
I know I wasn't really focusing on my school at that time.. and I regret it.
I thought my gpa was too weak to apply for any dental school (didn't even think about taking DAT either because of my gpa) so I applied to 2-year dental hygiene program at the community college.
I was going to stop my journey after becoming a dental hygienist because it is a decent job still.

Now I'm in first semester of this program, and I love it.
It makes me thinking of going further-applying for dental school. I know it will take 4+ years from now on, but I think age isn't a BIG deal (I'm 26 now by the way...).

My concern is, my gpa from undergrad is weak, and would dental hygiene background be helpful to get in to the dental school? Do I have to just focus on DAT?
Do you guys think there is any hope here?
Please I need some advice.

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Jun 20, 2012
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It won't hurt, but I don't think being a hygienist makes you jump off the page to the admissions committee.

That being said, going to school for 2 more years will give you a change to improve your GPA, which will help.


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Jul 5, 2016
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I do not think being a hygienist helps you get into dental school. They want students who they know can handle the academic rigors of dental school. A 2.8 gpa and a community college dental hygiene degree do not convey that. Quite frankly it looks like that gpa corresponds with that degree.

i fully understand that people can make poor decisions and that GPA doesn't always reflect their intelligence. However there is no way for an admission committee to know that unless you prove it.

I think you have 2 options. Study like a madman and blow the DAT out of the water. Like 90th percentile (not easy to do).


Retake your basic sciences and make straight A"s to improve your GPA and it also allows you to say in a personal statement and interview look when I applied myself I did really well.

Not to be harsh but reality check. You made poor decisions and made a bad gpa. You havent even taken the DAT. You like the "idea" of being a dentist but you haven't put in the work. Someone out there is busting it and studying to have a good GPA. They are prepping for the DAT. They are working their ass off to so that when they apply their numbers are strong. That's who your going up against. People that really want it. It's not going to cut it to say well I didn't focus in undergrad so my gpa isn't good but I went to hygiene school and really like dentistry.

I think that you can do it but it's going to take significant work. I would finish hygiene and start studying for the DAT today. I would plan on retaking my basic sciences after hygiene school.

Best of luck.