May 28, 2012
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I have recently graduated with my Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies which focused in Biomedical Science and Psychology with a minor in Health Science. I am worried about my GPA for PA school... I am taking the Kaplan course for the GRE and plan to take that in July, I have been volunteering at the hospital and have about 200+ Hrs... I have been shadowing a wound care nurse and have also volunteering in a pharmacy, cardiologist office (shadowed the PA), and case management in the hospital.

Overall : 3.34
Science is somewhere around 2.8-2.9
Here is a list of courses and grades...
Biology 1 - C
Biology 2- A
Chemistry 1- C
Chemistry 2- B
Organic Chemistry 1 and 2- C
Physics 1- A
Physics 2- B
Anatomy & Physiology 1 and 2- B
Statistics- B
Microbiology- C

I am seeking any sort of advice, I will be submitting my CASPA here in mid July, I have a recommendation letter from the Wound care nurse i am shadowing, a internal medicine MD and am working on a letter from a PA. I am afraid my grades won't be competitive enough for admission to any PA school... I plan on getting a relatively high school on the GRE. If anyone has similar grades and has gotten accepted please let me know! Also i am open to any suggestions or advice!

Thanks so much!


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you need to get that sci gpa to at least 3.0 and you should be ok grade wise.
you also need to get at least 1000 hrs of paid hce to be competitive for most programs.
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Agree with E. You really should retake Bio 1, Gen Chem 1 and Microbio, then and only then Genetics. Your foundation in bio and Microbio is too weak to take on genetics right now.
You have to remember you are competing with lots of folks who got all As and Bs in those courses and perhaps only an occasional C. PA admissions has gotten very competitive in the last decade.
Good luck.