Low GPA High MCAT at Ivy (HYP) Undergrad... Med school chances?


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Jun 11, 2020
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    Hello! I am graduating as a chemistry major from a HYP Ivy with a 3.3 (upward trend) cumulative and a 517 MCAT. What are my chances at an upper mid tier med school? Which tend to like splitters like this? Anyone have any advice / experience / expertise in this area? Would you recommend an SMP? Freaking out a bit going through forums and worried I screwed myself over my freshmen and sophomore years at getting into a decent med school.


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    Jan 7, 2020
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      A 3.3 is going to get you passed over at a lot of MD programs, but is perfectly competitive, especially with your MCAT score, at a lot of DO programs! If your heart is set on MD though, I'd recommend an SMP or other post-bacc program, or to apply early and very broadly.
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    • Jul 5, 2017
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        Agree with @smcclaine. You've probably got a reasonable chance at MD schools if you applied today, but the chances are mediocre. Wouldn't be surprised if you got in, wouldn't be surprised if you didn't. You're competitive at all DO schools, including those with regional bias.

        If you want more than that, SMP or Post-Bacc.


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        Jun 3, 2020
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          MD app process is kind of holistic iirc.. If you have upward trend, you could explain that in your personal statements (improvement over time). Your high MCAT shows that you have proficiency in med school pre-reqs.

          Although like others have said, your chances are slim (not impossible). Apply when you feel confident about your portfolio (if you were adcom, would YOU accept a student with your stats? Be honest). Broaden your choices of med schools, some are more merciful towards sub-3.8 GPAs.

          For example, my friend got admitted to UCLA MD program with a 3.4!! I couldn't believe it, til he told me his MCAT (520+) and amazing clinical and non-clinical experiences. It probably also helped that he had a very compelling life story that was woven into his application/interviews.

          Overall, you have options. Its not the end of the road. When one door closes, another one opens. Good luck!
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