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Low GPA High MCAT Non-Trad ORM


Believer in Second Chances :)
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May 10, 2015
  1. Pre-Medical
    Hello All,

    I've been following SDN for a few years and this is my first time posting :) Please be blunt about my chances without being mean ;)
    Side Note: You all have been such a great influence in helping me push forward in hopes of getting a chance at Med School.

    Long story short:
    - I worked 50-60+ hours while in undergrad to support my family (Dad in/out of the hospital, medical bills piling up, almost lost our house, lost his job) It was a learning experience for sure.
    -Went to a state school (2.7 ugpa) Since then, I've taken 20 credits and gotten a 4.0 in all upper level science classes (All A+) which raises my ugpa to about a 2.81. Took over 150+ credits in undergrad which is why its so hard to raise my gpa.
    -40 MCAT (2014)
    -ER Scribe (1 year)
    -Volunteer EMT
    -Tons of community service (started ESL program at university, tutor children (8+ years), started nutrition program at orphanage in another country)
    -Research (1 year NIH, 4 summers National Children's Hospital, 2 years Biotech)

    I'm applying to lower tier schools. I would love to get into my state school UMD but I don't think that is a possibility with my gpa. Any suggestions as to schools or SMPs? If I don't get in this cycle, I will certainly be taking more upper level science classes and taking another shot at it until I get in! :D

    Good luck to all :)


      usinig the DO schools grade replacement policy you can get your gpa range into the 3.2/3.4 range (if you decide to continue classes in case you don't make it this year)......I think you are risking a year if you don't apply DO as well this year, go shadow one for 20-30hrs
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