Jul 22, 2016
Hi everyone, I took the PCAT on Friday and scored a 96 composite. However, my cumulative GPA is low. When applying to schools in CA, I know most don't look at the PCAT score (aside from UCSF starting this cycle and Chapman University) so would it be worth it for me to submit my apps to schools like USC, UOP, Western or Touro with such a low GPA even though I did well on my PCAT? I am from CA but I also plan on submitting my apps to schools out of state as well.

I have two letters of recommendation, one from a science professor and another from a supervisor at the pharmaceutical company I currently work at.

At this point, I assume it would be a reach but I would love to know your thoughts. Thanks so much for your help in advance. I appreciate any advice I can get!
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