Jun 24, 2014
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Medical Student (Accepted)
Your application might not pass preliminary screens because of your gpa. If you can raise it above a 3.0, you'll have a little more breathing room for sure. Do you have any idea how you'll score on the MCAT? You'll definitely need a decent score to compensate for your gpa.


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Jan 13, 2012
Is there still a chance for me to get into medical school? Can you guys share any advice or tips - it would mean a lot (especially if you were in the same boat)! Thank you :)
Very slim chance, simply because schools won't look past a 2.82. With retakes, DO may be another story.

I have the following pre-requisite's to finish in order to apply to medical school:
  • O-Chem Sequence with labs (15 credits)
  • Biochemistry (4 credits)
  • Intro to Genetics (4 credits)
  • Physics Sequence (15 credits)
You still have to take your hardest prereqs, so don't get ahead of yourself. Focus on getting good grades in these tougher classes.
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