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Anatomy "Master"
Aug 3, 2011
Hi there! I am looking forward to hearing (hearing? well, we'll go with that) what you all think about my situation.

I graduated from a private, regionally-renowned university in 2009 with a Bachelor's degree in Biology. I graduated with a 3.67 overall GPA; I also completed all of my pre-medicine courses. Science GPA was somewhere around a 3.35-3.4.

I went to this same university for a Master's degree immediately following undergrad. The education involved taking classes with medical students, taking upper level classes (in medically applicable sciences, of course), doing clinical rotations with physicians, and ultimately TAing a significant portion of the M1's fall semester. I received a 3.77 overall GPA in this science-heavy curriculum.

Now, I took the MCAT the summer before senior year of undergrad with little preparation and scored a 23Q (V-9, P-6 yikes, and B-8). Although my Master's program was set up very similarly to a Post-Bacc (almost all of my classmates will be starting med school in the fall), I still wasn't sure whether or not I was going to apply to a BMS program, a DO program, or just wait a couple years. Thus, I never retook the MCAT.

So the question? Should I apply to a closeby DO school (
I might add that my spouse is a full-time professional student, so I am currently locked into one location) and see what happens or give it up and pursue other (closely related) intersts? We have NO money (literally NO money) for me to take any kind of review course. We probably don't even have enough money for me to retake the MCAT as it is...Literally the definition of starving students :) I smile, but it's true!

As far as extracurriculars go, I was a collegiate student-athlete for all four years of undergrad, got a heavy number of various sorts of scholarships in undergrad, and have done physician shadowing (both as a part of my program and on my own).
I also have a large amount of non-medically related (with some mildly medically-related) volunteer experience. I have worked with two different types of research protocols since the spring of 2009: one dealing mainly with research animal husbandry and the other one more anatomically/molecularly ("classic" biomed research, if you will) inclined. I have worked full-time at the latter for several months.

At this point, I am only interested in DO programs. Is it worth my time and money, or should I hold out for a different time? Thanks in advance; I've been a long time follower of these forums, and you guys rock!
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