Low sGPA with acceptance to biomed PhD wanting to do MD/PhD


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Jul 13, 2015
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    I was hoping for some advice on my (non) problem.

    tldr version: I somehow got accepted to a biomedical PhD program despite my low sGPA. Is it stupid to reach out to the MD/PhD coordinators at my school to ask if they accept transfers from the PhD program into the MD/PhD program???

    The fuller story:
    After two rounds of unsuccessful application cycles, due to (1) not really not understanding the process and (2) having a low gpa and MCAT, I shaped up, educated myself, found some unique volunteering positions, got a publication under my belt, and scored right at the 90th percentile on the new mcat.

    The next step in my plan was to get into an SMP, which I did. While I was there, I hung onto a 3.3GPA, which got me one interview at an MD school, a waitlist and finally a rejection.

    I couldn’t afford to not have a job any longer so I went home to Texas, found a full time position in STEM, waited a year and reapplied as an in-state student. For my efforts, I got all rejections and a really kind and detailed feedback letter from one school. Basically the gist of it was that my undergraduate sGPA was too low (though by that time it was over five years in the rear view), though I might have a chance if I retook my science courses.

    I started doing that but in the meantime, I knew I couldn’t just stay in my current position. So I found for and applied to three PhD programs, and got accepted to two (still very bewildered by this). I chose the in-state one, and now that classes are about to start, I’m realizing that I still want to do medicine.

    Do I just need to give it up?
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