Low volume practice straight out of residency


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Mar 19, 2003
New York
    I'm a third year FM resident who recently, for the first time, succeeded in seeing a patient every 15min for 8h straight, and actually stayed on time the entire day. I thought I'd feel a sense of accomplishment, but I felt nothing of the sort. I felt mentally run down, and downright ashamed of the second-rate medicine I'd been practicing most of the day. I understand that I am being prepared for an industry where volume pays. But I was also very certain at the end of that day, that what I did was unsustainable for me, on all levels.

    I know that there are FP physicians out there who see a patient every half hour, or about 15/d max, and I'm certainly going to be in touch with the ones I know. I'm just not finding a whole lot of jobs with this sort of patient load advertised. How would you recommend looking for this kind of work?
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