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Lowest of GPAs looking for tips on app


New Member
May 14, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hey guys, long time lurker here. I've been doing a DIY post-bacc for a year and a half after a sub par undergrad career in biology with a minor in public health. So here is my situation.



Last 30 GPA ~ 3.6

Taking MCAT this summer.

Nonclinical experience: Dietary Aide~ 7000 hours with supervisor role as well, Pharmacy Tech ~2500

Clinical experience: EMT-B 500-1000 hours

Clubs: Volunteer society and Pre-med club as treasurer

Volunteering: Part of Volunteer society for a variety of events for ~250 hours

Research/volunteering: tough to categorize, but I volunteered to help research with primary care doctors with communication with patients on if there are barriers to missing appointments/bedside manner. ~100 hours

Shadowing: Was going to do some this summer but, COVID-19 shot that down, so none.

My goal is to go into family medicine and a possibility of doing a fellowship. I'm still undecided on the fellowship for now. I believe I'll only be applying to DO schools because of the low GPA and will apply to MD schools depending on MCAT score.

How can I improve my app and what should I shoot for on my MCAT? I'm going to try and apply this cycle but may wait till next. Also maybe recommend a short list of schools to look at?
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