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Loyola MAMS vs. Boston University MAMS


New Member
Mar 12, 2020
  1. Pre-Medical
Hello SDN!

I recently got accepted to both of these programs, and I am having a bit of difficulty deciding which one to attend. My background is a GPA of 3.1, MCAT 507, large amount of clinical hours as a medical scribe, about 6 months of research, moderate amount of volunteering. I sort of narrowed the schools into a pro/con list as below, but feel free to correct me if I made any mistakes.

Loyola: MA in Medical Sciences: Biology, Department of: Loyola University Chicago
-Alumni have a 96% acceptance rate into medical school (measured in 3-year groups)
-Volunteering is integrated into the program (graduation requirement)
-Emphasis on advising/interview prep
-About 10k cheaper than BU
-Interview at their SOM with a 3.6 GPA in the program
-MA, not MS (does this matter?)
-Classes are not (advertised as being) similar to med school classes, so maybe they aren't rigorous enough?
-Taught by undergrad profs instead of grad/med school profs (does this matter?)

BU: MS in Medical Sciences Program | Graduate Medical Sciences
-Well-known/more established program
-Some classes are similar to medical school classes (doing well in these would be a big plus, I think)
-Will do research and complete a thesis (I don't have a lot of research on my app)
-Advising is readily available if you reach out
-Thesis/research is after reapplying to med schools, so I would have something to do between applying and matriculating
-Harder to get good grades potentially
-Lower success rate (About 85% of students who get a 3.6 in the program go on to medical school)
-10k more expensive (and cost of living is higher)
-No direct connection to their SOM (although alumni are evaluated separately)

Thank you in advance! I am having a lot of difficulty deciding, and I appreciate any tips you all have. Stay safe out there!
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