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Jan 4, 2010
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Here is the situation (gonna be long). I am considering renting a house a little ouside of BR. It is in Prarieville and about 25 min from campus. The house has 4BR/ 3 BA inside. It is 2 stories, and has 2 BR/1 (jack/jill) BA upstairs. It also has a 2 car garage + 3 car carport. The garage has an area above it that has 2 rooms + a bathroom. I would like to rent the upstairs as an area and the garage space as an area. This would give you a place to have as a BR + a study or whatever. You would also have covered parking. I will have my BR downstairs, a dedicated guest BR (that you could use for your visiting family/ friends as well), and my office/study (there is an extra room downstairs for this). There is also a security system. I will have 2 dogs in the house, but there will not be other pets allowed. There will also need to be a dog gate at the bottom of the stairs b/c my dogs are not allowed on stairs. I would like to rent these areas for $500 + utilities. I will be paying for the lawn maintenance. This place is out in the country (kinda) and a bit away, but it is a nice, old, house. I will be moving in mid-May, so you would be able to move any time on/after 15 May. Does anyone think they may be interested in this? Just trying to decide if I would be able to rent out something like this with it being 25 min from campus? Any feedback is appreciated.


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Do you mean you're buying the house and then renting it out? Because I don't know if you can have the power to rent a house and sub-lease it others without the landlord's permission. Something to consider is that certain clinical rotations require you to be able to get up to the teaching hospital in under 20 minutes (at least at Mizzou, don't know about LSU) if you are on call for emergency for that night or day. Same if you were a member of foal watch or colic team or whatever. So for those nights on call, you'd probably need to stay with a friend closer in on campus or something similar. Also, vet students love pets and getting other renters to agree that you can have pets but they can't might be difficult. :rolleyes: