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Mar 8, 2005
Are you interested in improving health and education at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana? There are numerous needs, and premedical and medical students are especially welcome to provide assistance.

As background, I am writing on behalf of Unite For Sight (www.uniteforsight.org) , a 501(c)3
nonprofit organization that empowers communities worldwide to improve
eye health and eliminiate preventable blindness. Since January 1st, our
volunteer teams have been providing eye care at Buduburam Refugee Camp
in Ghana. Our teams are incredibly impressed by the people at the
refugee camp, especially their local NGO called SHIFSD (Self-Help
Initiatives for Sustainable Development). SHIFSD is an inspiring story,
borne out of the removal of the UN from the camp in 2000, which forced
the refugees to fend for themselves. The goal of SHIFSD is to implement
programs and make changes that will better lives as well as prepare
people for the eventual return to Liberia.

In addition to the eye care being provided by Unite For Sight, Buduburam
Refugee Camp also has many other urgent health and education needs, and
we are hoping that many of you may be interested in volunteering your
expertise and time, whether at Buduburam or from your own home

The urgent health and education needs include:

1) HIV/AIDS education and a sustainable source of condoms
2) Psychologists to assist with war-induced and camp-induced
psychological trauma
3) Education: sponsorship of children to receive an education. There are
many schools at Buduburam, all refugee-run, but many people cannot
afford school (about $100/student/year). Given the choice between food
and sending kids to school, some families do choose school. However,
their child then goes to school hungry, is fatigued and can't learn, so
the $100/year is wasted.
4) Volunteer teachers for 1 month or more (preferably 1 year or more) to
educate the children at Buduburam
4) Books for a library that we are hoping to create
5) Volunteers for a literacy program to teach the mothers how to read so
that they can help teach their children. Teaching the women is key to
teaching the rest of the population.
6) Computer donations, volunteers to teach IT
7) Volunteers to help refugees create small businesses
8) Volunteers to teach agriculture skills
9) If you're thinking of throwing away that old computer or accessories,
please ship it to Buduburam
10) Volunteers to provide eye care as Unite For Sight volunteers
11) Do you have connections to publicity organizations that can alert
people to the urgent needs at Buduburam Refugee Camp?

If you're interested in helping to make a difference at Buduburam Refugee Camp, please contact [email protected]
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