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General Admissions & OTCAS Make appointment to meet with someone from admissions?

Discussion in 'Occupational Therapy [ O.T.D ]' started by NYY13251, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. NYY13251


    Feb 8, 2017
    So I am split on something. My dad thinks I should try to schedule appointments with some of the schools I am applying and meet with Dean of Admissions or someone from admissions/OT department to discuss what else I could do to help my chances and to get them to know me. Has anyone else done this and do you think it helped? I live out of state from where I am applying so I would need to take off and do some traveling to do this.

    Also: I need to take Devleopmental Psy for one school and General Bio for another. I took developmental psy but the school wants it within 5 years and I took it 6 years ago. Very annoying. I was going to take it this Fall but I am debating if I should wait until January. By then, maybe I will have heard back from some schools about interviews/acceptance/rejection and I may know if I really need it. I plan on taking General Bio in January, unless I get in to a school that I really want to attend. Do you think I should wait with psy as well? Is it going to hurt my chances of I put it off until January? I have a pretty good GPA and very good prerequisite GPA and an amazing personal statement. Had many people read it who all loved it. So part of me wants to see what happens over the next few months. I am hoping to hear back or be asked for some interviews by end of the year.

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  3. elischeesecake


    Dec 13, 2016
    I made sure to attend info sessions or make an appointment with someone from each school I applied to. Each school has a few info sessions and those are REALLY helpful. It was great to also talk to other students who are in the application process during those sessions. I wouldn't say that visiting each school affected my chances of admission, but I learned so much about each program and was able to really focus some of the supplemental essays on specifics of each program. I'd highly recommend this if you can, of course being out-of-state makes things complicated.
  4. MrTL


    Feb 4, 2017
    If you have the funds and time, it doesn't hurt. I've talked to a couple people from admissions from different schools, and as elischeesecake said, I became a much more informed applicant than others. If you really are talking to someone from admissions, it's almost like an informal interview and they will remember you... but take that as you will!
  5. Sawyer95


    Jul 7, 2016
    I visited two schools (I applied to three) because I happened to be passing through those cities. Prior to visiting, I was really ambivalent toward the school I am now super, super excited to be attending. And another school that I thought would be a really good fit, I was not nearly as drawn to after visiting the first! If it is possible for you, I would highly recommend visiting. Also, there is an online virtual fair every year around August (it may have already passed) that allows you to live chat with students, staff, and faculty from each program. It was great to have my questions answered in real time. You could also email admissions and ask for contact info for a current student to email/chat on the phone and discuss the program.
  6. lilbunnies


    Dec 20, 2016
    I bugged admissions a lot with questions and emailed the directors and faculty of the schools I got into. I feel like it helped them remember me.

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