Make ya want to say "Use yo' head"

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Apr 3, 2006
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We've all been there. The unique pressures of clinical rotations can at times turn the best of us into no-common-sense *****s bumbling around like we've never been taught basic social graces or cultivated anything above the dexterity of a Parkinson's patient. I have at various times fallen asleep during rounds, forgot how to work a J-wire, bowled over my attending in the hall while I was looking down writing an order, and stuttered my way through some truly ridiculous presentations including one in which I reported, at bedside and in some detail, the negative ob/gyn history of my 67 y/o ex-Marine cancer patient.

As a 4th year I get to view this comedy of errors in my 3rd year teammates. One note yesterday whose physical exam included the comment 'rectal tube in good position' (more appropriate in the radiographic findings section for sure). A different student contaminated himself no less than 3 times during the same case Thursday. Share yours and the ones you've observed if you have a sec.


Oh, I have a classmate who went down to the ER on his neurology rotation to see a patient. He spent an hour and a half down there before coming back to present the chief complaint to the resident: abdominal pain.

He interviewed the wrong patient. And it wasn't the first time that this had happened either, just on that 2-week rotation.