Male in all OB-GYN program

Discussion in 'Clinical Rotations' started by doughboy, Feb 11, 2002.

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    Like the subject says, what do you think of a guy being in an OB-GYN program that is composed of all females. Is there any sort of "discrimination" Is it better to go to a program that has males so that I'll have someone to look up to that might go through the same things that a male in the program will encounter. I know that a lot of the faculty are males but being an intern with all females might be lonely at times and will they be able to help me out if I encounter situations where males are not wanted. Some programs that have contacted me that are interested in me are like that and they are not my first choice but they are solid programs. Plus, I would definitely like to go to a program that I know wants me there. Thanks for the advice.
  2. being a male is a huge influence on how serious i am about considering OB/GYN also. i mean, i love the OR, the relatively healthy pts and the balance with primary care...but, as a male, it seems that i will be limited. i'm leaning more toward gen surg every day, i think, and that is unfortunate!

    but, i would bet that the working conditions are good. my main concern would be patient perceptions and the difficulty in getting the better job offers post residency. i would imagine that working with females may be a more civil and enjoyable work environment...and easy on the eyes too! (i know, i am a pig...)

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