Malocclusion 3 daughter 8 years old

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May 11, 2014
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I have long had in the back of my mind having 3 children one of them if not all would inherit the malocclusion 3 from me, I am the only person in my family (that we know of) that had this and went through hell as a child resulting in the op at 18 years old. My jaw was very noticeable from a very young age (around 3) and was sent to the orthodontist from the age of 6 having regular appointments till I eventually stopped growing. The operation was a great success but I remember being very aware of it growing up and resulted in huge insecurities which I have now to this day. My daughter has just turned 8 and although I have taken her to an orthodontist twice first both times she had photos taken and X-rays a year ago she was a bit non committal on her prognosis and never mentioned class 3 she just said she had a cross bite she could have treatment but it wasn't 100% and to leave it and that her lower jaw was growing normally, since then I have noticed a definite underbite and she often sticks her chin out when she's concentrating on something, her jaw is certainly not as bad as mine was at this age and I wondered if this would mean it's not going to get worse or this something that cannot be predicted? she seems to eat ok I occasionally notice her eat with her underbite visible but other times it looks perfectly normal.
Sorry if what I am asking is impossible to predict! I have made another appointment to see the orthodontist again to see if now her front teeth (which have grown down at angles and not straight) and her back teeth have grown whether the growth or the space between her two jaws will change or whether this is as bad as it will get, if so I think the early treatment would be helpful. At 8 years old would an underbite be very obvious by now or is there still time for it to get worse?
My other 2 children have really good bites no problems at all.

thank you for reading sorry it's so long!

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