Many concerns w/Medical School Applications coming up....


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Sep 30, 2002
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Hey everybody, just looking for some frank comments and suggestions about my situation...

I go to school at the University of Rochester, and currently my GPA is a 3.0 and I am in the fall semester of my junior year. I will be working hard to bring up this GPA this year since (like many other people) my freshman year grades really pulled my GPA down since I took many tough courses all at once. I am involved with clubs such as the Self Defense Association, and am president of the Breakdancing club at school so these take up time in my schedule. I plan on doing some volunteer work at the local hospital to gain more experience in patient care and the past couple summers I have done research in labs at UPenn and at UF.

So I guess my question is... is 2 semesters enough time to bring the GPA up? the more I read on qualifications for med school the more worried I get. Also, does anybody recommend any other extracurricular activities etc? And by having a letter(or letters as it is for UF) of recommendation from a school I am applying to, does that help? And how much?

Tell me what I need to do!!!!!!!

thanks for any and all comments,
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yo is this albert from my c&d lab? son of a ...:D

have you seen the spread sheet on the stats of peeople that get in from our school? - if you get that gpa up to 3.3 and do well on the 'cats and do my labs you should do fine

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