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Marquette Students


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Jul 3, 2006
  1. Dental Student
    My name is Paul and I have just committed to the 2011 class. We are excited to make the move to Milwaukee. My family and I are interested in moving to the Wauwatosa area. We would most like to buy but if the price/property were right we would concider renting. We have three children and need a minimum of 3 bedrooms.
    So my question is: are there any current students who will be selling or finishing up a lease this summer and we could buy/ move in.
    Any leads, advice about the area (outside of wauatosa too), realtors etc. is very much appreciated.


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    Jul 27, 2005
      It really depends on what your budget is and where you're coming from. My wife and dog and cat and I live in a 2 bedroom (and a den/office) and 2 bathroom apartment. 10 minute walk from school and it is about 1100/month. (sounds cheap to us coming from california) But with 3 kids that might be a bit pricey. Of course most students with kids are on some type of aid for food stamps. So you can count on getting a few hundred to help pay for food.

      I have a friend who is a pediatric resident selling his home in glendale this summer. It is on the border of whitefish bay and glendale right next to the new mall. Really nice family area. I could get you his email address if you want.

      Consider talking to Linda Gleason at the dental school and asking to talk to some students with kids etc. The students are really good here about helping out the incoming freshman.

      Whatever you do, don't just pick a place off the internet and move out here without coming to see it first. My wife and I did that and it was a total disaster. We moved 1 week after getting here.


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      Dec 6, 2006
        Agreed. Especially if it says "north side" don't move there. Go live out in Tosa, its way cheaper and more fun with less traffic.

        Dont buy until you get to Milwaukee and get a feel for the area yourself. Buying is a big investment, I say rent for a year or so until you know where you want to live and how much you can afford.
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