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Marraige or dentistry

Discussion in 'Pre-Dental' started by asahameed, Mar 22, 2001.

  1. asahameed

    asahameed Junior Member

    Feb 1, 2001
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    I got an offer from Tufts however I am in a dillemma. i want to know anyones opinion to if it is possible or to what extent to be married and be in dental school. I guess it differs from culture to culture but I am just curious....
    Also in general how difficult is dentistry if you are an average student.
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  3. No2thDk

    No2thDk Junior Member

    Mar 16, 2001
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    I am an assistant in a clinic with 26 dentists. I have asked them the same question (marriage and/or dentistry?) and have heard 26 different opinions. First of all, I think it makes a big difference if you're a man or woman. Being a woman myself, I think it would be difficult to convince a husband to relocate and it would be harder to leave him behind for 4 years. One of the dr.s I work with is a man who got married the summer before he started dent school. His wife gave birth to their 1st child during his 1st year at Marquette Dental and they had their 2nd child during his 3rd year. They are still very happily married with a total of 4 children. This, from what I understand, is a rare story. Another good friend of mine is an optometrist and he told me that his 1st year at opt school, he had 6 roomates. 3 were married and 2 had long term relationships. All 5 ended up single by graduation. I think it's possible to maintain a marriage of you're dedicated enough. Also remember that you may change alot as a person during dent school and you may need to work extremely hard after graduation to get out of debt! I wish you the best and hope you make the right decision!

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