It's a week and a couple days until the OAT.
I don't feel ready. Is anyone else feeling the same way?

Here's the parts I think are going to be fine:
General chemistry
Reading Comprehension

Here's the parts I'm scared about:
Quantitative Reasoning+pissed+ This I could seriously fail. I've gotten as low as a 230 on this!
Organic Chemistry:eek:

What if I fail?

Yep, it's eyegirl being neurotic again. Sigh. I've spent the last hour sobbing over Physics (I got my Lippincott book wet with tears and now the pages with the physics outline on them look funny). It's 11:50 pm here and I am useless again. At least I've stopped crying long enough to post on SDN. I just want the OAT to be over. I'm not a math person, I'm a bio person.

Plus it's a little cold in my sleeping bag by the mailbox tonite. I ought to get a portable heater out here. Maybe a little fire. ANd some marshmallows.

It's official. I 've lost it.



Arrgh now it's 1:57 am here. Still upset. No sleep. I've got to learn to manage my stress better.

I am turning off the computer
Going to bed.
Goodnight SDN.:D


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Apr 20, 2002
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Eyegirl..I talked to you last night on IRC.

Well, I was just browsing this forum even though I should be reading MCAT.

I don't have much to offer..but don't be too hard on yourself. Do the best you can on the test. I really hope you do well...but if you don't do well, you can take it again. Its not the end of the world. But don't be too stressed. Go to a movie! watch stand-up comedy..might help.

Take care.


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Thank goodness for boring lectures so I can flip through my sample OAT questions and do some word problems.

Today, I study all day. I haven't touched the chemistry or organic sections yet, so I'm a little worried about those. Oy. :rolleyes:

Eyegirl, you're going to do great -- this is the week to bulk up your confidence. You want to walk into that test next Saturday like you *own* the thing. Some of these sections are going to feel more like a race than a test of knowledge. Come on, say it with me -- we're going to kick some OAT butt next week!!! :D
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