Martin Army Ft Benning

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Feb 17, 2005
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I liked Columbus a lot, but I like hunting, fishing, SEC football, and the like. Columbus is a little bigger with more to do and more going on than your typical Army base town (think Killeen or Fayetteville), and the proximity to Atlanta is pretty cool. Fort Benning is expansive with a lot of cool areas and history. I prefer FORSCOM posts to places like Fort Sham or Walter Reed (I think the amenities and camraderie are better and there is nothing cooler than seeing a group of Apaches on maneuver or a couple of M1-Abrams roll by on your way to work). Of course with that comes a little more of an uptight hooah attitude that doesn't like failed PT tests or uniform infractions--though while in the hospital you'll be sheltered from a lot of that.

I only worked at the old MACH, so I can't tell you anything about the new hospital. It was not very busy from my perspective. There were a couple of relatively large hospitals in town, and while I didn't partake, colleagues told me that the moonlighting opportunities were stupendous.