Maryland MPJE && Washington DC MPJE

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Aug 18, 2016
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Hi everyone,

When I was looking for materials to study for the DC MPJE I was at a lost. There was no information anywhere or the information was old.
So... this is what I used:
1) DC Board of Pharmacy Handbook - can be found online for free, skimmed this once.
2) Federal Law book - the grayish/blue one
3) DEA Pharmacists manual - skimmed this
4) Pharmacyexam questions

In the end, I scored 80 on the exam. Caveat : my NAPLEX exam was the day before the DC MPJE so when I say skimmed, I mean skimmed. NAPLEX really stressed me out. HOWEVER, I had already taken and passed the Maryland MPJE the month before so that helped me be more familiar with the exam. I used this same strategy for Maryland MPJE (except I had to purchase the MD law book from MD Pharmacists Association) and scored a 76. For the MD law I read the entire manual and not just the first 100 pages.

Good luck to everyone!! Remember to eat breakfast before your exam. I was very hungry less than half way into the Maryland exam and it was distracting.
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Nov 23, 2017
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Please help with these questions?

Does Maryland require mail-order pharmacies to open for a defined number of days and hours per week?

Does Maryland require the pharmacy's hours and a toll-free number to be listed on the prescription container labeling