Maryland Residence Med school Chances

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Jun 11, 2013
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24 year old female, Maryland residence
3.51 cgpa
3.33 scigpa

11 vebral
10 biol
9 physics


350+ hours of volunteering at major hospital
50+ hours of research in a hospital
tons of extracurricular, worked my way through school, a life guard, clubs, volunteered at several clinics...etc. etc.

What are my chances at getting into a medical school for this application cycle, and where do I have a good chance.


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Dec 24, 2011
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You have a great chance if you've already had your primary application verified. If not, you are in a bad spot because submitting secondaries in September or later is considered late and can seriously hurt your chances. If you have not even submitted your primary application yet, I would recommend holding off until the next cycle.

Your stats look roughly inline with University of Maryland (maybe a bit low, but you still have a very good chance of getting in). To find some other schools that are in your range, you should take a look at the SDN Medical School Matriculants Data and look for schools with average GPAs and MCAT scores that are similar to yours. I also recommend buying the MSAR (Medical School Admissions Requirements) guide published by the AAMC.

I would plan on applying to about 15 schools if I were you. Don't make the mistake of applying to 4 or 5. Even if you have an excellent application, you are gambling if you apply to such a small number of schools.

Good luck with your applications!
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