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Aug 18, 2002
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I was hoping to get some information and opinions on Mass General from the group.

Also, Tenesma if I remember correctly you are a resident there. Could you please shed some light on some of the strengths and weaknesses of the program from your perspective? How about the regional program? Have there been any surprises (negative or positive) that you have come across? Did you feel like your interview experience was a good representation of the overall program atmosphere?

I interviewed there and really felt like it was a good fit for me. I was just wondering what everyone else thought.

If anyone wants to discuss any other specifics about programs before the rank lists are due, I interviewed at UCSF, Stanford, Duke, Emory, Hopkins, Northwestern, UAB, and U Florida.

Thanks in advance. Good luck to all.

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Nov 11, 2002
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This paragraph at the bottom is from my original post in the thread "have you heard about"
I really liked MGH, everyone was much more personable and down to earth then I would have imagined. If you don't mind that the chairman wants you to pee in a cup then that's about the only questionable thing from my interview experience. Although, I have heard from a few people that they were grilled by the chairman on interview day. I was not so I can't say, but I imagine that could turn a few people off.

MGH: Everyone says they just leave you without supervision, but this place goes crazy when it hears that. Even the program director addresses it when he speaks to you. The residents are an interesting mix, but in the time I was there everyone was very nice, very laid back and incredibly helpful. The physical layout is on par with the BI (Both very nice and both easily accessible by public transport,) but it has some area which are nicer. (Particularly the etherdome and the top floors of the hospital which are reserved for the super-elite) I don't think you can argue that this is one of the top programs in the country and that once you graduate you are positioned to do anything you want anywhere you want. Peds is at Childrens, you do one month of OB at MGH and another at the Brigham so you get a different view. Research can be done, but is not forced on you and in fact may be discouraged since there so much to learn as a resident. The surgical Critical care unit is run by Anesthesia and has been for many many years, so there is no one stepping on your toes and you do a required 3 months during your residency (vs 2 in may onther places.) Big program, 25 or so. Overall a great place, maybe you are a bit more independent but not to the point you are putting people in jeopardy..and isin't it better to be independent.


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Jun 12, 2002
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1) strong academic center
2) strong surgical center
3) strong research center
4) most of the attendings have written most the stuff in anesthesia and/or invented it
5) excellent relationship between surgery and anesthesia
6) unbelievable ICU - surgical ICU is run by anesthesia
7) great camraderie
8) nice lifestyle in great city (especially if you are single): salary will be about 46-47k by the time you are a CA-1, call is between 3 and 5 times a month (except for SICU where it is q3 except you never take call on fridays)
9) great networking

1) expensive city
2) crappy winter weather (watch the weather channel)

I have to say that i have been surprised for the better when I came here - I was really under the impression that i was going to be working hard in a malignant program based on everything i heard from other program directors (who in retrospect were just a bit envious).
Regional anesthesia: you will be an epidural/spinal expert after your OB/Ortho rotations, and during your rotations in same day care you will be doing Bier Blocks, Infra-clavicular, axillary, intra-scalene, ankle, femoral, sciatic, etc.... your exposure won't be top-notch/super-duper, but you will be very competent.

BOTTOM line: go where you think you will be happy - go where your significant other will be happy - go where you think you will fit in (personality wise). You will get a good education at most programs, but your happiness should come first - then the learning becomes more enjoyable... In retrospect for myself (and considering that i have friends at other "top" anesthesia programs), I wouldn't change ONE thing about my choice...
go to for more information on programs!!!
great resource