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Nov 12, 2005
Hi everyone,
Is it hard to get into the 2nd year pharmacy program (6 year)? or should i complete all of other courses then apply or apply ? I rather go to MCPHS as a prepharmacy student then work my way up from there, because i heard that is less competitive. IS IT RIGHT?


I am an older guy: 30 years old, IRS auditor for the last 8 years, 2 years working at Walgreen to get experience ( pain in da butt, because after 8 hours at the office and 4 hours at the pharmacy, but what the heck) married, but willing to spend the next 5 years in school to get the PHARMD. cummulative G.P.A: 2.85, and still have few more classes (3 classes) to go, but will not take it at the JC, because if i complete them i will be set as the transfer to the PY1, then my chances getting in the school is more competitive. is this correct.

please help me out?

thankx a bunch.

I am ready to walk out my job, and ready to pack up and go , but what are my chances????

I am thinking about Temple, and MCPHS-BOSTON in the 6 years program as the prepharmacy.


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Nov 6, 2002
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your motivation is admirable. If you are planning to transfer in, i suggest complete the pre-reqs and apply directly to their 3 year program in Worcester. The boston campus only takes a few transfers.
With your GPA, you need to take more classes (or even re-take some) to increase your GPA to over 3.1. In the meanwhile, call the school and ask for advice.
best of luck to you.
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