Masters programs match rates?


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Feb 19, 2007
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    Master's programs do not have match rates because they do not have internships. At least not in the same way that doctoral programs do - a nation-wide "match" system. Possible exception of school psych specialist degrees - I don't understand the exact way that works though.


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      While there is no "match" for MA/MS programs, there are still required clinical hours for licensure, so a program's ability to find placements for their students is very important. I would make sure to ask every program about their placements, their level of involvement in that process, any requirements they may have for the placements, etc.


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      Feb 4, 2009
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        I second what Therapist4Change said. One MA program I was admitted to did place students, however none of their placements were with children (eventhough their professors researched child psychology). Another one continued to stress that it routinely placed students in VA and college counseloing center (neither of which I was interested in). So learn from my mistake and ask before you apply :)
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