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Dec 24, 2003
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I have heard a lot of talk about master programs at medical schools. I received mail from Loyola and Drexel and was curious if these programs actually help you get into medical school. Are they worth it? I don't want to move to another city just to get a masters and not increase my chance of getting in to medical significantly. I've also heard that these programs can be even harder than medical school. Anyone know anything?


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May 19, 2003
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I did (am doing) the SMP at georgetown. Although I'm probably biased, the "word" is that it is the best masters level post bacc program (and thus the only one I applied to). Of all the schools that offer these MS programs, GU is arguably among the best.

I know many of my classmates that got multiple acceptances that didnt get any interviews at all last year and the only thing that changed in their app was that they were a year older and enrolled in the program.

I thikn that if you are already a good applicant these programs wont help you much. If say you hvae excellent MCATs, or your gpa is above a 3.4 or so, these programs are more like "insurance policies". It really depends on your individual app. I think these programs are great for people with decent MCATs but a low GPA. They'r emeant to prove you can handle the coursework. If you hvea a good GPA< these programs arent nearly as helpful as raising your MCAT.

They also do a good job of preparing for your MS1 year. PM me your stats if you want and I'll give you my opinion on you going ot one of these programs.

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Aug 7, 2000
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If you will be able to use it in the real world in case you don't get into med school, then I would say go for it. But if you won't use it then I would say it wouldn't be worth moving to a new town to do it unless that is where you really want to move. you can take post bac classes on your own which are cheaper, don't tie you down to a certain program and that you can stop taking at any time.

Are these programs 1 or 2 years? The one year programs can be brutal. VCU/MCV offers a 1 year certificate program that is in the word's of the dean of admissions... "harder than the first year of med school." It would stink to have your gpa actually decrease due to the hardness of a certain program.

It is a toss up I guess. If you do well, then you will increase your odds, if you do poorly you will decrease your odds and be out a bunch of money.

I would suggest you call the dean of admission at the schools you are interested in and ask them what they think.

Good luck.
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