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Jun 14, 2007
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    I'm gonna be starting my aacomas today, but i wanted to apply for some master's programs for fall. mostly 1 year stuff. If I were to get accepted would I have to complete the master's degree before I matriculate? Oh and what do you guys think about getting a master's in botany, as far as how it would be received by medical schools


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    Mar 18, 2006
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      Is there a 1 yr master's in botany? If your goal is med school, I would personally recommend a non-thesis master's but others may say different. There are just so many variables. It took at least six months alone for me to get my proposal approved by my advisor then getting the funding through the state agency where we got the money from + a one year field project + coursework + writing, etc. I know mine was more complex than most but I wouldn't do it again if given the choice. A 1-yr/non-thesis is my recommendation if you want a master's.

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      Apr 1, 2008
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        the masters program is there to improve your science grades. So botany would not be the right choice. You need a master's in medical work, such as Biomedical sciences. I am finishing up one right now and I was accepted halfway through it. Yes you usually have to finish the program if you start one. Also you will be getting another degree, so you should feel proud to earn it and finish it anyway. Just my opinion. Definitely do not do a botany masters. That will get you nowhere.
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