Match Day for DO students?

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Mar 31, 2003
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  1. Attending Physician
    Originally posted by oceandocDO
    If DO students are applying to MD residency programs, yes, they match today. If they're applying to DO programs they would have matched about a month ago...

    That sounds right. The residency programs at our teaching hospital knew their incoming PGY-1s about a month ago.


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    Sep 18, 2003
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      Ours is posted informally on a bulletin board in the hall, and people write in where they matched and put a pin on the map.

      They are not all up yet, but some of the more impressive ones I noticed this year were:

      Johns Hopkins
      Mayo Clinic--Rochester
      UT Southwestern

      There were matches in pathology, anesthesiology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, and otolaryngology along with the usual IM, EM, Family, and OBGYN.

      Go TCOM class of 2004! Woohoo!


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      Dec 18, 2001
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        This is by far not a complete list, but here are some of the notible NYCOM matches this year.

        I'm just going down the list in no particular order.

        Urology- Long Island Jewish Med Ctr- NY
        Anesthesiology- Johns Hopkins-MD
        Anesthesiology- U Rochester/Strong Mem-NY
        Anesthesiology- Einstein/Montefiore Med Ctr-NY (3)
        PM&R- Columbia/Cornell NYP Hosp-(2)
        PM&R-NYU School of Medicine (2)
        Psychiatry- Brown University
        Surgery- Einstein/Montefiore Med Ctr-NY
        Surgery- Hershey/Penn State-PA
        Radiology-Diagnostic- Univ Louisville SOM- KY
        Radiology-Diagnostic- U Rochester/Strong Mem-NY
        Radiology-Diagnostic- Nassau Univ Med Ctr-NY
        Radiology-Diagnostic- Univ Buffalo Grad Med-NY
        Obstetrics-Gynecology- Boston U Med Ctr-MA
        Obstetrics-Gynecology-NYU School of Medicine
        Obstetric-Gynecology- St Vincents Cath Med Ctr-NY (NYMC)
        Pathology- Einstein/Montefiore Med Ctr-NY
        Pediatrics- Tulane Univ SOM-LA
        Pediatrics- U Texas Med Ctr- Houston
        Internal Medicine- Cleveland Clinic Fdn-OH (2)

        There are a TON of other excellent matches this year. I am just too tired to type them all. As soon as we are given a link, I will post that.


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        May 15, 2002
          The match list that was floating around last night was only for the ERAS match... anyone who signed out before the match, which was a significant number of people, along with the DO matchees werent included...

          Overall I think the list for nycom this year is a decent list. Many, many people stayed local, so this tends to bring down the wow factor. Internal medicine was huge in NYC... there's like 20+ students heading to Beth Israel, Lennox Hill, St Lukes Roosevelt, and North Shore Manhasset for IM. PM&R was also big as was anesthesia, with 15+ each

          A fourth year friend of mine is typing the list up, I'll try to get it from her....


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          May 15, 2002
            ok folks, my fourth year friend is OCD and typed up the nycom match list. She said the only thing she thinks its missing is the people who signed out pre-match, which is probably 15-20 people, and all the military matches arent listed either. A bunch of people are also doing an internship at places with non-linked ortho, optho, and urology programs, so some very good students arent really "included" in this list, per-se. It's definitely heavily weighted to medicine... lots of local programs too, but decent programs none-the-less.

            Albert Einstein, NYC (6)
            Johns Hopkins- Baltimore, MD
            St Lukes Roosevelt/University Hospital of Columbia University - NYC (2)
            University of Rochester/ Strong Memorial, Rochester NY
            SUNY Brooklyn- NYC (2)
            University Hospital- Jackson, MS
            Westchester Medical Center (2)
            Stony Brook University Hospital, NY
            University of Maryland

            Internal Medicine:
            Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC (8)
            Cleveland Clinic, OH (2)
            Lennox Hill Hospital- NYC (3)
            St Lukes Roosevelt/University Hospital of Columbia University - NYC (4)
            Westchester Medical Center (2)
            Maimonides Medical Center, NYC (2)
            North Shore Univ Hospital/NYU School of Medicine (4)
            UMDNJ- Robert Wood Johnson, NJ (4)
            New York Hospital and Med Ctr Queens (5)
            St. Vincents-NYC
            UMDNJ- Newark
            Hershey/ Penn State- PA
            Kern Medical Center, CA
            Cook County, IL
            Ochsner Clinic Foundation- LA (2)
            Geisinger Health System, PA
            Staten Island Univ Hospital
            Stony Brook Unic Hosp, NY
            Morristown Mem Hospital, NJ
            Washington Hospital Center, DC
            Winthrop Univ Hospital, NY
            SIU SOM- Illinois
            Mt Sinai SOM- Elmhurst NY
            Newark Beth Israel
            Texas A&M- Scott and White
            Univ South Florida- Tampa, FL
            Roger Williams Hospital, RI
            Albany Medical Center, NY
            Danbury Hospital, CT
            Metro Health Med Ctr- OH
            Rochester General Hospital, NY
            SUNY Brooklyn

            Emergency Medicine:
            Beth Israel Medical Center, NYC
            Einstein/Jacobi Med Center, NYC
            SUNY Upstate (3)
            Univ Florida HSC
            NY Methodist
            Cook County- IL
            Stony Brook Univ Hospital, NY
            Long Island Jewish Med Center (2)
            North Shore Univ Hospital/NYU School of Medicine, NY
            Union Hospital, NJ (2)
            St. Barnabus, NYC (6)
            Lehigh Valley Hospital, PA
            New York United Hospital and Medical Center, NY (2)
            Christiana Care, DE

            Henry Ford Hospital, MI
            St. Barnabus Hospital, NYC

            Family Practice:
            New York Hospital, Columbia Presbyterian, NYC
            Methodist Hospital, Sacramento, CA
            Lutheran Medical Center, NYC
            Columbia Hospital, FL
            Wyckoff Medical Center, NYC
            Good Samaritan Medical Center, NY
            Stony Brook Univ Hospital, NY
            Carilion Health, Roanoke, VA
            Conroe Family Prac- TX
            Medical College of Georgia

            Boston Univ Med Center, MA
            St Lukes Roosevelt, NYC/University Hospital of Columbia University (2)
            NYU Downtown Hospital, NYC
            UMDNJ- Newark, NJ
            Metropolitan Hospital Center, NYC (2)
            Danbury Hospital, CT
            Texas Tech Univ- TX
            Good Samartian Medical Center, NY
            Virginia Commonwealth Univ System
            St Vincents Medical Center, NYC

            Columbia/Cornell- New York Hospital, NYC (2)
            Mt. Sinai Medical Center, NYC (3)
            NYU School of Medicine, NYC (3)
            Stony Brook Univ Hospital, NY (2)
            Boston Univ Medical Center, MA
            Einstein/Montefiore, NYC
            Long Island Jewish, NY (2)
            SUNY Brooklyn, NYC
            Nassau Univ Hospital, NY (2)

            Tulane Univ SOM- LA
            North Shore Univ Hospital/LIJ, Schneider Childrens (7)
            Thomas Jefferson Univ Hospital, Dupont Childrens, PA
            University of Texas- Houston
            Stony Brook Univ Hospital, NY (2)
            Jersey Shore Univ Hospital, NJ
            Winthrop Univ Hospital (3)
            Maimonides Medical Center, NYC
            UMDNJ- Newark
            Newark Beth Isreal, NJ
            INOVA/ Fairfax, VA
            SUNY Upstate Medical Center

            Brown University, RI
            Long Island Jewish, NY (4)
            UMDNJ- Newark (2)
            Barnes Jewish Hospital, MO
            North Shore University Hospital, Manhasset, NY
            Temple Univ Hospital, PA
            Univ of Connecticut, CT

            General Surgery
            Einstein/Montefiore Med Center, NYC
            Hershey/Penn State, PA
            Berkshire Med Center, MA
            Lutheran Medical Center, NYC
            St. Barnabus Medical Center, NYC
            Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, NYC
            Genesys Health Systems, Grand Blanc MI

            Botsford General Hospital, MI
            SouthPointe/Cleveland Clinic, OH
            Peninsula Hospital, NYC
            Brooke Army Medical Center, TX

            Long Island Jewish/ North Shore Univ Manhasset, NY

            Radiology- Diagnostic
            Univ of Louisville, SOM, KY
            Univ Rochester/Strong Memorial, NY
            Nassau Univ Med Center, NY
            Univ at Buffalo, NY
            St. Barnabus Medical Center, NY
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