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Jul 19, 2006
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I just finished my intern year, and want through the Match this past year for a 3-year specialty. I hoped to find an open spot on the interview trail during intern year, but it didn't happen, so I went through the Match again. Sucks because now I'm stuck with a "lag year" between intership and residency.
Two weeks ago, another program announced that had an open PGY-2 spot starting immediately in the field. I went for an interview for the spot, and it went very well. But then they contacted me and told me that they would have liked to have offer it to me, but they didn't b/c of my contract with the program I matched with.
Apparently they might have another spot opening starting immediately...I have made it clear to the PD that I will try to get a Match waiver if he can indicate to me that they will offer it to me...it would be so great because I could start immediately and not "lose" a year...
Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? It's very delicate. I think that I could try Financial Hardship as grounds for a Match waiver, but I don't know if they would grant it. I don't really care about breaking the Match rules of course, but the program does. It really sucks b/c the Match rules can cost me a year...
Anyone have any advice? I would do anything to get this spot so that I can start NOW and not lose a year.
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