Matching FM residency in CA from a new OOS MD school?

Discussion in 'Family Medicine' started by LLCoolK, Aug 16, 2015.

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    I'm currently an M1 at a new OOS MD school and I want to match into an FM residency in CA. How difficult would this be? I am hearing some mixed responses (should I have went to a CA DO school instead?). What step 1 score would I need? Should I do research summer after 1st year?

    Thanks guys!
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    The CA FM residencies all vary in their competitiveness just like anywhere else. If you have a good step score (look at the national averages for FM which is somewhere like mid-high 210s for step 1 and mid-high 220s for step 2 CK) and you are excited about FM and can articulate that and back it up, then I think you should be fine to match somewhere in CA.

    People get hung up on the step score that they need, but just try your real best, it can't hurt to get a better score than what's required, and it leaves your options open. Some programs want higher scores than others too. I wouldn't bother with research unless it's something you're really interested in. FM doesn't tend to value research like other specialties. My advice is to travel after 1st year, you earned it! If you really want to help your chances and travel at the same time, go to latin america or something and improve your spanish, it's a huge plus in CA especially for FM.
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