Materials to prepare for Biology and Chemistry??


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Sep 9, 2002
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Greetings! I'm in the process of making a career change and going back to school so I can hopefully get into Medical School. This next semester I am taking my first Biology (Gen. Bio I) and Chemistry (Gen. Chem I) classes and I'm a bit nervous. I don't remember the last time I took these classes, and I know how critical it is that I score well if I want to get accepted. Are there any study materials or books I can be studying to get a head start?



for most intro classes, textbooks are usually enough.

if your prof assigns campbell's biology (textbook), then you're pretty much golden. that's like the classic college biology text and it's easy to read, fantastic diagrams, very thorough. (it is, however, huge).

most chemistry texts are also pretty good. for intro science classes i never felt the need to read more than my notes (take good notes!!) and the assigned texts. most students i think felt this way too.

however, something that also might help when it comes to reviewing/cramming are MCAT review books, particularly the ones they give you when you take a course (compared to the ones you can buy at a bookstore). while they might emphasize different content (the MCAT Bio has nothing on photosynthesis/plants that you will surely see in your class), they break things down easily and offer cool ways to remember stuff. :)

my personal favorite are the Princeton Review books.

good luck and welcome to sdn :)


Buy the prescribed textbook and start reading, doing assignments, examples. Keep ahead of the class by being prepared for the next class.

Good luck!
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