Maternal & Child Health/Reproductive Health programs?

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Feb 23, 2008
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just wondering if anybody is going into their MPH on a maternal & child health track or reproductive, adolescent, & child health track? i am interested in what you have heard about what each school's program's strengths are...

columbia calls theirs "reproductive, adolescent, & child health" and berkeley and boston university call it "maternal and child health.

let me know if you've applied / been accepted to those kinds of programs, and what your deciding factors / ideas are.

i'm still deciding between schools, and i'd love to hear what other folks who are interested in the programs have to say. let me know! :)

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I'm almost one year through my MPH program in maternal and child health at the U of MN. Let me know if you have any specific questions. The #1 strength we have is our mentoring program, plus, there are an absolute ton of opportunities for internships/student positions, many of them paid.
I'm applying to MCH/Reproductive Health programs as well! Nice to someone else out there. I'm mixing it up slightly with a couple general applications. Right now, I've been accepted to Columbia and UNC, waiting on BU, UIC, and Hunter (to their Community Health Ed program, they don't have an MCH concentration).

I'm deciding partly based on location (I live in NYC right now and would like to stay in the northeast), partly on the program, and partly (of course) on the aid. Still waiting on the aid part, but I need to start doing more research on the programs. I hear mixed things about Columbia - that they're not worth the money, that they're not supportive, but also that they're an excellent program, the classes are very good, and they have a lot of international connections. I'd love to hear from other people who are in the program or know someone there.
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I'm in the Global MCH program at Tulane and I really really like actually it's love... I love it. There's a lot of support here and being in post-Katrina New Orleans there are so so many opportunities to do all sorts of research projects, volunteer stuff, internship... there's so much opportunity because there really is so much need. If you have specific questions about what MCH is like, PM me... It's a really awesome area of public health and if it's what you're interested in, I bet you'll enjoy it wherever you end up going.
My interest is in international MCH. So I'm trying to decide between UNC's MCH (w/global health certificate) and Tulane's Global MCH program. Mimilau, I sent you a PM with questions about Tulane. I would really appreciate your feedback and any information others can give me on either of these programs since I'm really torn between the two. What are the strengths of the program/how good is each program; how supportive are the faculty, how diverse is the student body? etc.
UNC has the advantage in that it is close to home (4 hours vs. Tulane's 11 hours), it would be super cheap for me (about 1/3 of Tulane's cost), and I have been able to visit the school whereas I won't be able to visit Tulane beforehand. However, I've always heared of Tulane whenever international health is mentioned but haven't really heared much about UNC in this connection until I started doing research and found out that unc is doing quite a lot internationally.
Hi- I realize this is an old post, but I am trying to figure out if I should do a global health program with a focus in maternal and child health or a maternal and child health program with an emphasis on global mch? Would you have any recommendations either way? I've done some volunteer work in latin america and some ph women's health stuff in undergrad, but I just graduated in June and have little post-grad work experience. Thanks so much!