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Sep 19, 2005
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For anyone who has recently taken the OAT I have a question about the Quantitative Reasoning (math) section on the OAT. What was your exprience with content on this section? says that there are questions on probability and statistics but I don't see any prep materials for this content but rather just for pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, trig, and applied math (word) problems. Are there problems in probability and statistics on the OAT? What would you say the breakdown is on the Quanitative Reasoning (Math) section as far as what percentage of questions fall in each category? Also the geometry and trigonometry sections questions appear fairly sparse? It seems like 75% of the questions are pre-algebra and algebra is this correct? Any suggestions on how to best prepare for the Math section?

thanks a bunch

Also, is anyone selling the Kaplan Math Practice Tests? I'd like to purchase some of them.


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Mar 18, 2006
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I took the pre-July 15 OAT (before the change) and I thought it was difficult in terms of finishing on time. Over half of my questions were word problems so I got really screwed and got a 330 QR. I still ended up getting a 380 AA so I'm happy with that. QR is embarrassingly my lowest section despite my getting 400s on all the practice exams put out by Kaplan, opted, and Princeton Review. I dunno. I even finished EARLY on all the practice tests (except the Kaplan Midterm)...but on the real OAT I didn't even finish, I just ended up putting "C"s for the rest. However, the new OAT is shorter, so you SHOULD have no problems finishing on time. I would recommend that you get your hands on the Kaplan Midterm...out of all the Kaplan practice tests, I felt that this specific full-length OAT was most representative for QR. Not for the other subjects though.

The tests are different so you can't really say what percentage will be what. Like I got over 50% paragraph word problems, but other people don't.

Yes there are probability questions. And the only statistics type questions are means and medians and related problems...there was one oddball statistics question but I forgot what function it was already.

There is a lot of geometry, so I can't say 75% are pre-algebra and algebra...that's probably not true. Like I said, you might get a different breakdown than others people did.

Kaplan's QR subject tests have probability and statistics questions that are good enough for you to prepare with, so you don't really need anything else. Maybe check out a SAT Math IIC book from when you took it in high schol? Barron's has a good one that should be pretty close in difficulty to the OAT...if you remember, Barron's was always known as the harder test prep book. =P


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Feb 22, 2006
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Hi gsinccom,

I received a private message from you about buying the OAT QR practices. I couldn't return your private message because your message folder has exceeded the storage limit.

I still have the book available; it contains 4 QR tests: 2 stand-alone tests and 2 included in the full-length tests. The book also contains practice tests for the NS, RC, and Physics sections.

Please clear your message folder so I can PM you about the details.
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