MCAT: 36, sGPA: 3.5, cGPA: 3.6. Schools/ECs?

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Cactus Wren

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Nov 5, 2013
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I just got my MCAT scores back yesterday, and I am seeking some sage advice from you life savers at SDN. Here are my stats again:

cGPA: 3.6
sGPA: 3.5
MCAT: 36

My extra-curriculars are sparse and sporadic at best:
  • Chemistry/Orgo TA at Middlebury for 2 years
  • Shadowed an oncologist for one summer
  • Volunteered at an emergency room the summer after my Freshman year
  • Full-Time Cancer Research Fellowship right after college, which resulted in one small publication
  • Volunteered in a leadership position at the Colorado Melanoma Foundation nonprofit for a summer
  • Currently an officer of a local non-profit that advocates for social justice and women's education
I'm currently working as a research technician at a biomedical lab, but I'm not sure it's leading to any papers. I want to know what schools I should be looking at, but also what other activities I can do to be a serious candidate for medical schools. Any thoughts?

I will appreciate every reply, even if you just say "Darlin', you've got no chance". Thanks so much!


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Oct 25, 2012
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How many hours of volunteering in the ER do you have and were you interacting with patients? I'd say you definitely need more clinical experience. Shadowing some other specialties and non clinical volunteering (eg homeless shelter) would help too


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Mar 10, 2014
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Have you looked at the MSAR? If not, do so! I don't know anything about anything, but I've heard wiser SDN contributors say that in general it's a good idea to apply to at least a dozen schools that have median stats close to yours, and where you think you might fit with the mission of the school (e.g. don't bother applying to state schools as an out-of-state applicant etc.). Come back with a list and let us critique it. I agree with itsthat1guy that gaining more clinical experience would probably be the best thing you could do this year. Well done on the MCAT!