Dec 15, 2010
I need some guidance in my Mcat preparations. I have not taken it and will be done with Organic Chemistry 2 and General Chemistry 2 in the upcoming summer (2011). I was thinking in addition to taking Cell Biology and Genetics over the summer I was going to study for the Mcats. Focus only on those three things. Then register for the last Mcat of 2011. Then as I finish my last semester of school spring 2012 I was going to sign up for the Mcat in May in time to apply for schools in June 1 2012. I don't know if that sounds like a good idea at all? Between the first time I take it and the second one I am planning, I will be taking courses like Biochemistry 1 and 2 and several Physiology courses since it's my major which I think will better prepare me for the second time I take it.

Or should I just study for mcats this summer and devout nothing but all my time to it. I am just worried that because of this my school load will be a little heavy.

I just need to know what to do? I was also thinking that during winter break now and between summer I should start studying for the verbal reasoning and for Physics (I just finished physics 2, it's fresh in my mind).

Any advice will help. Thanks