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MCAT Apps- Any good ones??

Discussion in 'MCAT Discussions' started by Mrs.Buckeye1992, May 20, 2014.

  1. Mrs.Buckeye1992

    Mrs.Buckeye1992 Queen of the World.

    May 2, 2014
    There didn't seem to be any recent posts on this, but has anyone found any good MCAT prep apps? I think it would be great to have constant access to information and to be able to "quiz" myself (via flashcards), but there seems to be a plethora of apps available. Kaplan's main one requires that you be a student of theirs, and others cost anywhere from 7.99-29.99, excluding the LITE versions.
    Anyone had luck with one that covers a good amount of what's actually in the prep books? I'm current doing biology content with TBR, but your personal experience is welcomed.
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  3. halfwaycrooks

    halfwaycrooks This is a library 2+ Year Member

    Feb 20, 2014
    I found using a flashcard app like anki helpful during my prep. Others like quizlet allow you to use sets made by others on the site. May be worth a look...
  4. derrick rose

    derrick rose 2+ Year Member

    Feb 22, 2013
    MCAT Prep has thousands of questions already, and adds a question a day. However, I find their questions to rather simple. MCAT Flash has a bunch of flashcards made by others as well, which seems pretty good!

    I would definitely like to know about some useful apps that you pay for though! The credibility of all the free ones can sometimes be questioned, but if I payed money for an app I get some reassurance on the quality of the content.

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