For Sale MCAT Books FOR SALE! (BR, EK, Kaplan)

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Oct 6, 2012
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ExamKrackers MCAT Class Set: Includes Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry (with flashcards), and Biology content review books, and 16 Mini-MCATs book. All books are from official ExamKrackers class and are the 7th edition. All EK books are in good condition.
For extra practice:
101 Passages in MCAT Verbal Reasoning 2nd edition.
1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry.
1001 Questions in MCAT Physics.
1001 Questions in MCAT Organic Chemistry.
1001 Questions in MCAT Biology.
Price: Whole set of content and practice books for $100 + Shipping

Berkeley Review MCAT Practice Exams:
9 paper exams, 8 of the exams have extra questions because they are longer format exams, 1 of the exam is the same format as the current exam. ALL of these exams were excellent practice for the real MCAT! Practicing with the longer format exams increases your endurance for the current MCAT. These exams are great for extra practice especially if you have already exhausted most practice materials. The paper format allows you to have unlimited access to practice with these exams. I definitely recommend these to everyone prepping for the MCAT. Price: $125 + Shipping

The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam, 3rd Edition:
Brand new, never used! Great for extra practice and more insight into the current MCAT exam. Price: $15 + Shipping

Kaplan MCAT Prep Class Review Books: You can only find these books if you take the Kaplan MCAT Course. Includes the General Chemistry, Physics, Organic Chemistry, Biology Review Notes books, flashcards for each subject, and the MCAT Quicksheet! The flashcards and the quicksheet are great for reviewing formulas and concepts on the go! All books were printed in 2010. I will also include the lesson book that came with the course for extra practice but it does have writing on it. Otherwise, this is a great set to study for the MCAT. Price: $80 + Shipping

I have taken pictures of books and am willing to send right away if requested!