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Jun 9, 2008
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Hey guys! Hope you're doing great. I'm selling the following books, and I hope I can be of some use to you =) All are in great condition, very lightly used but not noticeably: no highlighting or writing etc. I can send photos if you want. All are +shipping.

ExamKrackers MCAT Organic Chemistry: $12 (all flash cards included)

ExamKrackers 1001 Questions in MCAT Chemistry: $12

ExamKrackers: 1001 Questions in Organic Chemistry: $12

1001 Questions in MCAT Physics: $12

Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Reasoning and Writing Review (Princeton Review): $45

Barrons How To Prepare for the MCAT, 10th Edition (4 practice tests included w/answers and explanations, MCAT overview, study tips, and essay help as well as content reviews: $40

Hyperlearning MCAT Physical Science Review, Princeton Review: $30

Kaplan: MCAT 45; Review for the Toughest Questions (This helped me a lot in the 3 weeks before the exam): $15

Hyperlearning MCAT In-Class Compendium, Princeton Review (includes passages with answers and explanations for all subjects): $8

If you're interested, please contact me at [email protected]

Thank you and good luck to everyone!

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