MCAT Books: TPR Hyperlearning & Verbal, 1001 EK, Kaplan & More!


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Apr 28, 2012
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Most of the books have sold, but I have reduced the prices of the kaplan books I have left! Please PM me if interested!

Kaplan MCAT Premier 2010-2011/MCAT Advanced + flashcard set: REDUCED PRICES

-Kaplan MCAT Advanced: Your Only Guide to a 45 (2nd edition) (BRAND NEW): (old price: $20+shipping) NOW: $10+shipping
-Kaplan MCAT Premier 2010-2011edition (lightly used): (old price: $70+shipping) NOW $25+shipping
-Kaplan MCAT in a Box (2nd edition) (VERY lightly used): $20+shipping

SOLDExamkrackers MCAT Complete Study Package: $80+shipping to the US only
Includes all 5 review books and paper practice exam in collectible box (7th edition):
-EK MCAT Simulated Exam #1H (BRAND NEW)
-MCAT Physics (lightly used)
-MCAT Biology (lightly used)
-MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Mathematical Techniques (lightly used):
-MCAT Chemistry (lightly used)
-MCAT Organic Chemistry (BRAND NEW)

SOLDExamkrackers MCAT 1001 books + 101 Verbal: $75+shipping to the US only
-1001 MCAT Organic Chemistry (lightly used)
-1001 MCAT Biology (lightly used)
-1001 MCAT Chemistry (lightly used)
-1001 MCAT Physics (lightly used)
-101 Verbal Reasoning (lightly used)

SOLDExamkrackers 16 Mini MCATS (2004 ed): $15+shipping-BRAND NEW

SOLDTPR Hyperlearning Review Books: $75+shipping to the US only+ FREE Gold Standard Flashcards!
These are all of review books for each section of the MCAT that were used in the TPR course I took in 2011. All have highlighting and writing except for the Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review.

-MCAT Physics and Math Review (used)
-MCAT General Chemistry Review (used)
-MCAT Verbal Reasoning & Writing Review (BRAND NEW)
-MCAT Biology Review (used)
-MCAT Organic Chemistry Review (used)

I will also throw in the Gold Standard MCAT Deck of Science Review Flashcards for free!

SOLDTPR MCAT Hyperlearning course workbooks: $150+shipping to the US only

I took the Princeton Review MCAT course in 2011 and am selling the workbooks and student guides as a package deal only.

-MCAT Student Guide (lightly used): This is the schedule that comes with the TPR course
-MCAT Science Review Questions & Solutions (BRAND NEW)
-Hyperlearning MCAT Verbal Workbook (very lightly used)
-Hyperlearning MCAT In-Class Compendium (used)
-Hyperlearning MCAT Science Workbok (used)
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Apr 28, 2012
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The new prices for the kaplan books are listed, but I will also take an offer to get these off my hands! :)
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