MCAT dilemma

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Mar 20, 2009
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Hi, any help would be greatly appreciated!

I just got my score back from the 6/18 exam
10V/11P/11B (32M)

I don't know what happened with the M writing score. I have a 3.67 cGPA and 3.60 sGPA from an ivy league school.

ECs - research (pending pub 1st author) for 4 years with various presentations, EMT, medically-related volunteer abroad, various other community service, hospital volunteer, shadowing, tutoring for orgo and gen chem, etc.

I am signed up to retake for July 31st, which means I will get my score back Sept. 1st. I have already submitted my primary app, waiting to be verified, and my secondaries/LORs will probably be complete by mid-end of august. Should I retake?? How much will my writing score hurt me? Also, I think if I retake I will probably get 34-35. Is this worth it? My top choices are the NYC schools, which I know are extremely competitive. Do I have a chance at those with 32M?

thanks so much!!


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Jun 19, 2009
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Look im in the same predicament but I have to retake and do the july 31rst. I wouldn't retake if i were you unless you can gaurantee those scores for sure. Your competitive level will truly be lower. But lets say you drop to a 30 or worse under a 30. You will not be competitive anywhere in the United States. If this was a situation with more time I would say go ahead, but if you take this exam I would be ready to void if need be.... because its going to be a testy...
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