mcat/gpa vs. # of acceptances... trends?


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Apr 10, 2003
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    I was wondering if those of you who have multiple acceptances wouldn't mind posting
    1) mcat/gpa
    2) # of acceptances

    Obviously people can only pick one place to go, but # of acceptances should indicate how competitve an applicant one is.

    Also, this could be an indication of how much numbers really matter. Anyways, I'm just curious. I got started thinking about this because I know people with 4.0, mcat 33+, good ECs, but no acceptances. I also know people with =<4.0, =<32, with pretty good ECs with many acceptances- and to some good schools at that. How often does essay writing and interviewing make a difference? Is it just a freak occurence? Do you think it is because of ECs, personality, or both? Is it that undergrad makes a difference? AHhhhHh! Too many variables!
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    Oct 18, 2003
      Originally posted by Alexander99
      In the end, it's a crapshoot. Having higher numbers just gets you more chances to roll the dice. You still have to be lucky.

      Crapshoot? Yes, but a predictable one. If you have high #'s chances of you getting in to a #'s ***** school are better. If you live in the tristate area, chances of you getting into NY private schools are better. If you've done extensive research, your chances of going to a top 10 research instituton is better. It's not entirely a crapshoot with everyone having an equal shot. It's definitely predictable to a certain extent.

      4 acceptances, 2 WL

      I cancelled a bunch of interviews (like Stanford, Mayo, Columbia) when I got into Hopkins which was very early on.

      It's really a crapshoot, trust me. Don't read too much into the numbers.
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