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Dec 1, 2008
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I'm taking the MCAT in April and ideally would like to submit my application in June. I'm afraid if I don't do so well on the MCAT, however, that I'll have to retake it in May or June.

If I retake the test, should I still submit the application in the first week of June to a couple of schools so that I can be verified within a week or two, and then add more schools later to prevent a holdup? Or is this a bad idea??



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Aug 8, 2006
you only need to have 1 school listed for your amcas to be submitted, so you should just put 1 school you know you'll be applying to so that they can verify you etc. Once you're verified and complete, you can instantly add schools to your heart's content. If you've taken the test in April already, then just submit it as soon as you can. AMCAS will receive your updated score, and if you indicate to schools you have taken the MCAT again then they will wait for your new scores to come in.


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Sep 26, 2007
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I decided to take in March for this reason. However, Ill be submitting in June unless I do terrible, even if I plan on a retake. RS is right about only needing to submit to one school to be complete, but the earlier you get it to all the schools you know you will apply to, the better.
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