MCAT proctor job?


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Moving this to the MCAT forums:

To the OP- I worked as a proctor for EK and found the job through craigslist. You can probably also find on each test prep website about opportunities for jobs (mostly tutoring/teaching ones) but Im sure there might be links for proctoring or at least an email to contact.
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Jun 23, 2005
If you want to proctor for the real MCAT, you would probably need to contact Thomson Prometric since these are the adminstrators of the test. I also believe that this is the company that hires the invigilators and proctors.

If you want to proctor for practice exams, contact the respective test prep company. Although now, I highly doubt many will be hiring proctors, since most of the big companies (TPR and Kaplan) have take at home full lenght exams due to the CBT format.
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