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Aug 5, 2014
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I took my MCAT on Septemeber 10, 2014 and I felt ok about it, but if I needed to retake it I was planning on signing up for a January test date. I check the other day and there was some available in a state I was able to go to, but today one of my friends just told me that all test days are full and there is only some available in Guam.

I get my score back on October 15, 2014 and AAMC just posted a new test date on December 6, 2014. I am thinking about signing up for this test date but I am worried that I will not have enough time to adequately prepare for the test. I just got a full time job so I am getting more and more nervous by the minute. I hope that I will not need to retake it, but with the lack of test dates available I have to think about the worse case possible. So do you think October 15-December 6 is enough time to prepare for a MCAT retake?


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Mar 1, 2013
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You know best regarding your capabilities and time constraints. I would not recommend retaking when you don't feel ready. Hopefully you're happy with your score :D