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Jan 18, 2005
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I have been an avid reader of this fine board. I really appreciate all of you guys' help, and wish to one day pass on the help to other souls trying to become an MD. So, let me go on with my question.

Heres the deal. I want to take the MCAT April 2006.
I want to take MCAT review this summer (Berkeley Review), and again in jan 2006 (Exam Crackers).

During the summer I will also be taking BioChem and O'Chem Lab. (I won't be taking the MCAT during August.) Do you guys think I'm wrong for doing this?

Is it bad to take a review course, when you wanna take the mcat much later?
Do you think I should just take the MCAT at august (2005) just to have a) the experience b) an mcat score to work off of? rather than screwing up in April 2006, and having to postpone Applications?

Do you guys think its a bad idea to take Biochem and a very hard lab class (plus the ever present volunteering/research) during summer while I'm studying for the MCAT? Should I just focus on mcat and not worry about the classes? (I haven't taken BIOCHEM.. so.. I guess my question is.. Lets say you had to shrink your biochem class down to 6 weeks, would you find time to brush your teeth, let alone study for the mcat? :D)

Graduation wise, I'm gonna graduate June 2007!!!! I can't speed it up, just how the major is designed. So I could technically take BioChem later, O'Chem lab, I really don't want to take that during a regular school quarter. [If i decide to take the MCAT in august, I will be 2 weeks into the o'chem lab class... which shouldn't be too bad yet.]

I know this is a Loaded post... with lots of personal dilemmas and fears :scared:.

Sorry editted to add this. Anybody taken Exam Krackers (probebly lots of you guys), or Berkeley review. Do you guys see the need to take both. How did you guys like Berkeley review (lots about EK on the board, very little about BR). Thanks

[ps. I just did an interview for a research position in front of a pannel.. god it is scary.. One advice for all you guys, take a bottle of water in with you, cuz when you get nervous, and your voice starts squeeking.. umm.. not the best image you want to leave behind!]


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Feb 26, 2005
You're planning on taking two review courses? I think that may be a bit of an overshoot. If you want to take the MCAT next April, I think the best plan would be to start studying the material on your own over the summer (while taking summer classes, etc), then take the MCAT course in January prior to the actual MCAT.