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MCAT study material EK BR PR and Kaplan for sale


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Nov 5, 2010
  1. Medical Student
    Got my scores back and I am not going to need any of this stuff anymore. I am going to sell these as sets only
    Berkeley Review: Chem, O-Chem, Bio, and Physics. ($180)SOLD

    Princeton Review Hyperlearning: 2009 ($150)

    EK1001 Bio, O-chem, Chem, physics, and 101 verbal. ($100)

    EK MCAT Study Package Box set with all Books, EK audio osmosis ($140)

    Kaplan 2008-2009 MCAT book with disk, MCAT 45, MCAT practice tests, and New MCAT in a Box flashcards, Official guide to the MCAT ($100)

    The prices do not include shipping, if you are interested pm me you zip and I will let you know how much that will be. Also I live in SC so if you are close I will meet you to eliminate shipping cost. Please pm me if you are interested.
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