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Jul 11, 2013
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Hello my name is Becca! Here’s a little about me. I have been teaching and tutoring for the MCAT for six years now and I, myself, scored in the 99th percentile on the new MCAT. I started off as an MCAT instructor/tutor with Kaplan Test Prep where I worked both online and in person with students. I was also the Program Director for the MCAT Summer Intensive Program in 2014. When the MCAT changed I decided to switch to a different company and began working with Next Step Test Prep as one of their premium tutors (aka one of their most experienced) where I tutored students individually online. Overall I helped 3000 students improve their MCAT scores and get into medical school which is something I am extremely proud of. Additionally, I have attended medical school myself! I completed one year at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, so, I can give your some insight and guidance into the life of a medical school and application process.

I have decided to work independently, which, is great for you because I can offer you high quality instructing for a fraction of the price compared to the big test prep companies!

My tutoring packages are completely customizable to each student and can range from 8-40 hours depending on the individual’s needs. Additionally, I can provide discounts if two or more students would like to work together.

For comparison, a 20 hour package at Kaplan costs $4499, Next Step Test Prep charges $2499 but for a premium tutor (which I was) it would be $3999. I am only charging $1500 I am literally a steal!

Finally, I bet you would like to see what some of my students have said about me! Check out my reviews below!

I would love to speak with you over the phone should if you have any questions for me!

Becca Felde
[email protected]


Aliza K "She is really good at explaining concepts that I do not understand well. She simplifies them and focuses on what is important for the test. Also, she is very accommodating and always takes my needs into consideration."”

Ariel O “I think Becca is absolutely amazing, and I have already recommended her to two friends who are looking into tutoring."

Ellen R "Becca has good ideas about how to improve one's test taking abilities. She alternates between doing passages together and apart, which allows for concepts to be tackled together and improved on. She brings up material from before, so things are constantly worked on and refreshed."

Jacob G “I just concluded my final session with Becca and am taking the MCAT next Friday, August 5th. I just wanted to thank you for switching me from Michael to Becca and to let you know that Becca was great. From day one she was extremely efficient and organized – by the end of the first day, she had created a full, color-coded day-by-day schedule with all of our future sessions, homework chapters to read, links to all khan academy videos directly next to their corresponding topics on my homework sheet, as well as select passages from the strategy guides to do should I have extra time, all based on my strengths and weaknesses and leaving enough room at the end for 7 days of specific review for content I felt the least comfortable with. Furthermore, she had me taking one full length per week (and taking the entire next day to review it including sending me an excel spreadsheet to type in all of my missed questions per section and address why I missed them such that over time, I could begin to see trends across the full-lengths and adjust accordingly) and made clear the importance of doing absolutely nothing MCAT-related the day before full-lengths and the actual exam, stressing the importance of rest, relax, and allow myself time to absorb all of the information.

We spent the majority of our time going over then implementing strategies, with a heavy focus on CARS. Surprisingly, CARS (which was my worst section originally) is now consistently my second highest (of the 4 sections) score. She is very accessible and quickly responds to any questions I email her. While she always has a very clear plan for our sessions as she comes prepared with lessons and passages for us to do, she is also very flexible in that she accommodates any requests or concerns I have by addressing them in our sessions and being able to quickly change gears. She is very tough and ran these past 2 months like a boot camp to the point where I was having dreams about this test. However, having raised my score by 15 points (from the diagnostic to the most recent full length) with a week left of specific review, I’m not complaining. I really appreciated how seriously she invested in me and am definitely recommending Becca to my friends.”

Jerica T "I absolutely love Becca as my tutor! She is so smart and makes the information easy to understand. I am really my experience so far and will definitely be recommending it to friends."

Madeleine H "After working with Becca Felde my confidence, knowledge, and scores improved tremendously in a short amount of time. Becca was a great tutor and held me responsible for my weekly work. I was going to work with Becca longer to improve my scores more before taking the official MCAT, but due to my college requiring me to take the MCAT sooner to meet their deadline, I did not get to work with Becca longer. I still am very happy with how much I was able to improve my scores and the great tutoring experience I received from Becca. I am sure if I had been able to take a later MCAT my scores would be even better, but circumstances affected this and Becca was more than accommodating and encouraging. I highly recommend Becca Felde to other students. She knows what she is doing and is a great source for pre-medical students.”

Marquinta K “I would like to say that my tutor was above average amazing! Becca Felde was very patient and encouraging during each tutoring session. Every time I needed help outside of our scheduled meeting hours, she ALWAYS responded very quickly. I did not feel like our time was rushed at all. She gave me very unique ways to tackle any problem I was facing. She also gave me loads of advice on medical school and the application process. The best quality Becca has is her honesty. I am the type of person that appreciates someone telling me the truth even if it is hard to hear. Her advice has made me truly think about my study habits and seek further help where I was deficient. She was is a very down to earth person and never made me feel silly for not knowing certain concepts. I could not have had a better tutor to guide me through this process.”

Milad M “"I just wanted to let you know how AMAZING Becca was as a tutor. Seriously the best coach and tutor I have ever had. Not only was she very knowledgeable and caring, but also very inspirational and positive. I could not ask for a better experience and I thank you for recommending her for me. If any of my friends ever want to get an MCAT tutor, she would definitely be the one I would recommend."

Nivedha K "You helped me a lot! I ended up getting a 510 on the MCAT."

Phillip P "I really enjoyed my work with Becca. The one-on-one tutoring provided the guidance I needed to master the MCAT material. Without her, I would not have gotten the score I had."

Sudarshan M "Thank you SO much for all of your help over the past couple of months! Your advice and guidance were invaluable!"

Surina A "Thanks for your help you were awesome!"

Unknown "Very encouraging"

Unknown "Becca is great and keeps me calm. She listens to my concerns and gives me suggestions on how to fix the problem."

Here is a screenshot of my score report as proof. I took the MCAT before it changed and attended medical school before it changed so legally I am not allowed to sit for another official MCAT.
MCAT Score Report.png
"She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about tutoring students"

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