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10+ Year Member
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Dec 29, 2008
Atlanta, Georgia
This is John Wetzel, creator of the WikiPremed MCAT Course. For the past three years, an important part of development work at WikiPremed has been tutoring students for the new MCAT via Skype. I am making this post today because I have availability to take on a new student. This is an opportunity to prepare for the MCAT working with me as your one-on-one tutor, one of the most experienced and innovative instructors in the field of MCAT preparation. With over twenty years of experience, I have completed over thirty course-cycles teaching for the new exam (students averaging ~90th percentile with a number of exceptional scores in the 99th percentile). My teaching experience also includes nearly one hundred course-cycles preparing students in a classroom setting for the old MCAT. In addition to live teaching, my website, WikiPremed, has helped tens of thousands of online students across the country. The price of one-on-one tuturing with me is significantly lower than the fees for one-on-one tutoring from the national test-prep chains, but the course I provide is much more sophisticated and effective. I work very hard for my students because I understand the meaning of the trust they place in me. I would greatly value the privilege of helping you prepare for the MCAT. Please message me here in SDN if you would like to learn more.
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